An iteration is a concept used within CMS Projects. It enables you to organization issues into iterations. 

Enabling Iterations in a Project

In order to create iterations in a project, you must first enable the functionality for that project. Anyone with access to the project can enable the use of iterations in a project.

  1. Open the project. 
  2. Select the Project menu.
  3. Click User iterations at the bottom of the screen.

Once enabled, the Iterations menu will display on the Projects ribbon: 

Note: You cannot deactivate the use of iterations for a project, but you are not required to use them in your views, etc. once enabled.

Creating an Iteration

Once enabled for a project, you can create an iteration. 

  1. Click New iteration
  2. Enter a name for the iteration and click OK.

What's Next? 

See how to view iteration groupings in views.