This article describes how item and part attributes and attribute values can be removed via the Overview and/or Attributes views. 

Clearing Item Attribute Values

The simplest way to clear a value is to select it and hit the backspace or Delete key on your keyboard. Some attribute types provide a  button.

Values in Default attributes can also be deleted by selecting the attribute, and using the Remove attributes... option. This can be done using the Overview or Attributes view. 

Clearing Part Attribute Values

Part Attribute values can be cleared using the Attributes view. To remove an attribute value of a part attribute, you select the attribute cell(s), and use the Clear Attribute Value option. 

Note: In the event that there are no attribute values for an additional part attribute for any part, that attribute column will be removed when you leave the view. 

Tip: If you want to batch remove values in default part attributes, you can actually do this by selecting the Remove Attributes option. It will clear the values without removing the attribute.

Deleting Item Attributes

Default item attributes are defined in the meta model. Therefore, they cannot be removed from an item. 

Additional item attributes can be removed, but doing so will remove them for all system users. Consult with your system architect prior to removing any additional attributes. You can remove one or more additional attributes, along with the attribute values, using the Overview or Attributes view by selecting one or more attribute rows, and using the Remove attributes... option.

Deleting Part Attributes

Just as with item attributes, default part attributes are defined in the meta model. Therefore, they cannot be removed by users.

Additional part attributes can be deleted using the Attributes view. To remove part attributes, select the corresponding cells in the table, and use the Remove attributes...

Note: Additional part attributes can only be removed entirely if the values have been cleared for all parts.