The Systemite Support Portal offers visitors a user-driven forum for API support where users can ask API related questions and share and exchange ideas with other users! Systemite actively follows the forum and will make sure your questions get answered. Check it out at API Support.

Anyone can read the forum topics. However, to follow the forum and participate by posting topics and replying to topics, you must have a Support Portal account. Contact to obtain a support portal account. 

To follow the API Support forum, simply click Follow.

The button will then change to Following:

If you Follow a forum, you will receive an email notification each time a new topic is posted. If you wish, you can use the link in the email to view the topic on the portal. There is also a link in the email to Follow the topic

When you follow a topic, you receive an email each time someone adds a reply to the topic: 

A Following button indicates that you are following a topic: 

To participate in a topic discussion, click Reply. You can also Start a new topic altogether.