In SystemWeaver, you can choose to display an icon for items, parts and issues. Icons help users to more easily distinguish between different types. They are assigned to item types and part types using the swArchitect client. 

Items and Parts

  1. With the item or part selected in the type structure tree, click the Icon button:

  2. Select an icon and click OK.
  3. To clear a selection, click the No Image option at the bottom of the list: 

If no selection is made, no icon will display. 


Icons for Issue Types in a project are assigned using the swExplorer client. See Creating Issue Types.

Things to Consider

  • If no icon is defined for a part type, the icon of the item (i.e. the defObj item of the part) is displayed instead.
    Example: The "Allocated Design" part (ITLD) has no icon configured, but as you see in the tree, the part does display a icon. The icon is assigned to its Deftype which is "AUTOSAR System":
  • Normally, icons for parts should only be defined in case the semantics of the part is defined by the part type rather than the corresponding item type (the defType item type of the part type).
  • The actual graphical icon symbol is never communicated between the SystemWeaver server and client application, only the identifier corresponding to the icon. This means that all clients, including the swExplorer as well as the swArchitect and Client API clients must all be built with the same set of icons. Note that a Client API client may have enhanced quality of the icon, since the API supports alpha channel icons.
  • There is also no defined behavior in case a client does not have the specified icon defined and will depend on the specific implementation. (It will, however, not cause an exception in the client).