As an Architect, you can export the entire meta model of a database. However, for use cases where you would like to export a controlled subset of the meta model, there are two options: 

  • The Metamodel Cutter tool in the Architect client. 
  • The Export to XML view in the Explorer client.

Using the Metamodel Cutter

The tool enables the export of item types, part types, and attribute types. The export will not include any data. It exports only the meta model itself for the selected objects.


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Architect (swArchitect)
  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the database

Selecting the Types to Export

  1. Click on Metamodel Cutter to open the dialog.

  2. The Existing item-types in server pane to the far left lists all of the item types in the server. Deprecated are indicated in red. Expand the list to get started. 
  3. Select an item type to export by checking the box to the left of it. Note that all parent types of types that you select, will also be selected by default. 
  4. To include part types for an item type in your export, click on the item type (as shown above for the "Document" item type). Its part types will display in the Part-types for selected item-type pane in the middle. Make your selections using the checkboxes. Repeat this for each item type you have selected for export. Note that any attribute types that are used as default attributes by the selected item types or part types will be exported as well. They are listed in the bottom section of the Resulting metadata to export pane to the far right.

Note: Only Attribute types used as default attributes are included automatically in the export. Additional attribute types can be selected on the Attributes tab:


There are two file format options for your output - XML and XMI.

  1. Review the selected item types, part types and attribute types in the Resulting metadata to export pane. 
  2. When you are ready to export, click Export to XML to generate an XML file or Export to XMI to generate an XMI file. Use the Part types as Classes option to have SystemWeaver part types represented as UML classes.

Using the Export to XML View in Explorer

The Export to XML view in the Explorer client offers a Referenced metadata only option which enables Architect users to export SystemWeaver a subset of a meta model along with selected data.