The recommended Windows Display resolution for the SystemWeaver Explorer client is 100%. 

If you do opt to use a different scaling setting, be sure that when you change the Windows Display setting while working in the client application, that you follow the Display Scale and layout instructions to sign out of Windows and back in to confirm a complete reset within the client. If you do not sign out, the application may not respond properly to the scaling changes. 

Similarly, if your display settings change as a result of connecting/disconnecting from a projector or switching monitors, for example, you may need to do a complete reset to obtain proper scaling again. 

Tip: Instead of logging out of your Windows account, depending on your Windows OS version, it is often sufficient to just close (X) out of the application and reopen it.

When using multiple monitors, for best results, the display setting should be the same on all monitors. If you want to have different display settings for the screens, open the client on one of the screens (your laptop for example) and always leave it there. If you move it to another screen that has a different setting, or back and forth, etc., you may get scaling problems.