Sometimes changes are made to a license key, e.g., additional user licenses are purchased, and you receive a replacement license. This article describes how to replace an existing license key. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Admin client (swAdmin2)
  • Assignment of the Administrator role in the server
  • A SystemWeaver replacement license XML file to upload


A replacement license is a new version of the existing license. 

Example of Existing License File Name

SYS102 Rental 1(1).xml

Example of Replacement License File Name

SYS102 Rental 1(2).xml

The version number in parenthesis increased by one increment. The License id, however, does not change between versions and it a good means of identifying a license in swAdmin2.

Note: To minimize the risk of unexpected issues disrupting users, we advise that license replacement be done outside of business hours or when activity is low.

The replacement license file(s) will be delivered in a zipped file. 

Before getting started, extract the license file(s) from the zipped file and save in a secure location. 

Then, log in using the swAdmin2 client, and follow the below instructions. 

Removing the Existing License Key

  1. Go to Licenses
  2. Select the license that is being replaced. Note that if you have multiple licenses and are only replacing one of them, the License id, along with the user counts, can help you to determine which license is being replaced.
  3. Click Remove license

Uploading the Replacement License Key

Once the key to be replaced has been removed, add the replacement license key to your system by clicking Add license.

An Open dialog will display and you can then navigate to and select the license file and click Open

Repeat the above steps for each license key to be replaced. 

Log into the server using the swExplorer client to confirm a successful login. Or, have a user do this for you.

Note: Users who are logged in to the server while the license keys are being swapped out are not disturbed, however, users who try to log in during the swap may receive a message that they cannot until the swap is completed.

If you are keeping an existing license and only adding an additional license, see Adding Additional Licenses in Adding and Deleting Licenses.