Visualizing the Connections 

Configurable graphs can be used to visualize connections. A graph is made up of nodes (points) and edges (lines) according to the mathematical concept of graph theory. In the Graphs view, the nodes and edges are drawn into the view according to the style of the configuration and automatic layout and routing methods. A SystemWeaver Architect can provide end users with a configured graph which can be used in parallel with Connect pins to visualize the connections as they work. In the below example, an "ECU System graph" is available by simply clicking the menu option: 


The graph can be printed or saved (file options are PNG, JPEG, XPS, GraphML and SGraphML). To focus in on particular, direct connections in larger graphs, you can right-click on the graph and select Neighborhood. Then, select an item of interest in the graph and the Neighborhood pane will display only the directly connected relationships for the selected item. Just as with the graph, you can print from the Neighborhood pane.