The Overview view is where you can track and view various elements relating to an item. One of them, Attributes, can be used to document information about electrical components such as: 

  • Pin Type
  • Connector
  • Pin Number
  • Voltage
  • Component ID

and more.

Attributes describe properties of items that require a high level of formalization that cannot be achieved by writing free text. They are defined in the meta model by an Architect user and can be used to filter, sort and analyze electrical components when using views, generating reports and grids, etc. They are available in the Attributes section of the Overview view. In the below example, 'Wired Connection' items have three Default Attributes. Users edit or add attribute values by entering values in the text box or by using any available field tools depending on the attribute field type, e.g., drop-down list, etc.

A warning indication  is used whenever an attribute value is not correct according to a predefined rule. A rule can be that the attribute must be coded or that a string value must conform to a rule, defined as a so called regular expression. If you place the cursor on top of the icon, a hint should appear telling you about the specific problem.

Note: Additional attributes can be created for exceptional uses, but it is not recommended unless they are formally incorporated into the hardware model. Otherwise, views and reports that are not aware of their use will ignore the attribute value causing them to go unnoticed in, for example, the creation of a report.

What's Next? 

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