When including tables in an item description, there are a number of table setting options available for use. This article describes some of the more useful ones especially those of importance for printed output. 

The Table Properties menu is available once you have created a table. Place your cursor somewhere in the table and go to Table>Table Properties in the Description Editor menu: 

Most of the setting options relating to formatting are fairly straight-forward and will be familiar to you.

Repeating Header Row(s)

 If a table extends to subsequent pages, you can set the table's header row to print on the subsequent pages. 

  1. On the Table tab in the Printing section, set the Number of heading rows to 1 or more (whatever suits your needs). 

Setting Width to 'Auto' to Avoid Truncation in Printed Output

For viewing tables via the Explorer client, there is no need to be concerned with a table's width. However, if the description is to be included in printed output, it is best practice to set the width of the table to auto-size on the Table tab in Table Properties. This way, it will behave like text and auto-grow and will not be truncated in your output.