The use of a file repository is defined in the swServer.ini file in the [MainServer] level. When configured for use, it allows users to add attachment files to items and issues.


  1. Open the swServer.ini in a text editor like Notepad++. Example values shown below to the right of = on each line are meant to illustrate the format only:

  2. For FileRepositoryType, enter the type of file repository. Possible values are 'DB' (for a database type repository) or 'Files' (for a file-based repository). 
  3. For FileRepository, enter the file path to the file repository.

    If the FileRepositoryType is 'Files' the path should identify the folder under which the files will be stored as shown in the above example swServer.ini.
    If the type is 'DB' the path defines the SQLite database file. (Currently SQLite is the only supported database file repository.)
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Once you restart the SystemWeaver server, users will be able to add, modify and delete attachments.

What's Next?

Learn about the file repository back-up process.