The Import XML option in the swArchitect enables you to import SystemWeaver meta models using SystemWeaver XML files. Typical use cases are when you are importing a meta model into an new, empty database or when importing a domain meta model, e.g., document management, FTA, that does not yet exist in the database. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Architect (swArchitect)
  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the server
  • A properly formatted SystemWeaver XML file containing the meta model to import

Things to Consider

  • The XML Import can only import types that are not already in the target database. It cannot perform any update or merge operations of already defined types. Therefore, automated import of changes to an existing meta model in to a production environment is not recommended. Meta models do typically stabilize over time. Changes and control of the meta model are best handled manually using the swArchitect client. Note also that they will typically require subsequent data refactoring and updates to config items.
  • It is highly recommended that a meta model import file is analyzed prior to import, in order to avoid any surprises! (Like importing types you have no use for.) The Metamodel Diff tool can be helpful for this purpose.

  1. Click Import XML....The Open dialog displays.
  2. Select the SystemWeaver XML file to import and click Open. The import of meta model content will begin immediately.

Once completed, the meta model objects will display in the Type structure tree: