Although not common, there may be an occasion where you need to copy issues from one project to another. The Copy issues from another project option allows you to create copies of issues that are then transformed to fit the setup of a target project. You can then delete the original issues from the source project if the goal is to move the issues. 


  • You must have Write and Change rights to the source project.
  • The target project, to which you are copying issues to, is already created.

Copying the Issues

  1. Open the target project. 
  2. On the Projects tab, select the Project tab and click on Project actions.

  3. Click Copy issues from another project. The FormCopyIssuesFromProject dialog will display.

    Use the browse buttons to select the following:

  4. In Select project, select the source project.
  5. In Select issue type, select the type of issues to be copied.
  6. In Select target issue type, select the issue type for the issues in the target project.
  7. In Select status, select the status of the issues to be copied.
    When a selection is made, a list of the affected issues will display at the bottom of the dialog. 
  8. In Select target status, select the status for the issues in the target project.
  9. In Status after copy, select the status in the source project to set for the issues that are copied. Note that since you are likely moving the issues, you would typically set the status to a Closed type of status.
  10. In the Target attributes section, you can select the attribute types to be used for the new issues for each of the original issue attributes listed.

Once all of the selections have been made, the Copy issues button will become available. Click the button to complete the copy. A successful copy is indicated in green in the list of issues at the bottom of the dialog.

To exit without any copying, click Cancel, the window Close button (), or the Esc key.