Configurable Charts: Copy Pie Slice

It is now possible to copy (Ctrl+C) a chart content sector (pie slice, column, area) and find the associated content in the structure tree (using Ctrl+G) highlighted in green.

Pie Chart Example:

This new feature will be especially helpful if you would like information in a configured chart to remain locked in the Secondary view and indicated in the structure tree while you continue to work in your primary view.  In the above example, a pie chart is locked in view and the content with the attribute value of "Test" is highlighted in the structure tree. Work can continue in the primary view which is Overview.

Issue ID: 12042

Grid view: Support for F5 Refresh

There is now support for refresh of Grid views using the F5 key. This allows you to quickly refresh a grid view while working in the tree. For example, you can open the grid view in a separate window using Ctrl+Alt+O, work in the tree, and fresh your grid as needed. 

Issue ID: 12146

Structure Tree: Improved Parts Renaming Functionality in Tree

The R26 release includes an improvement in the area of part renaming to clarify whether a user is changing a part's part name or item name as well as whether or not renaming is allowed. This applies for parts where Use Part Name is activated in the Architect.

For Architects:

New warning messages indicate implications of Use Part Name selection in the swArchitect client.

When you select the option, a message informs "Press OK to enable the use of explicit part names for Part X."
When you deselect the option: "Press OK to remove the possibility for changeable part names for Part X. This will irrevocably reset all existing part names to the name of its def obj."

Note: The default setting is unselected (false). You can view (and export to Excel) the Use Part Name setting for all Parts by adding a UsePartName column:

For End-users:  
If Use Part Name is activated for the part type you have selected, when you chose to rename the part in the structure tree using F2, the Set item and part name dialog will appear allowing you to change the part's item name and/or part name.

If you set a part name in either the structure tree or in the Parts view, it will display in blue font. The part's item name renames unchanged (unless you specifically change that as well in the dialog):

If a part has been frozen or released, you can still change the part's part name in the structure tree, but the part's item name cannot be edited:

Note: If Use Part Name is not activated for the part type you have selected, you will not be presented with the Set item and part name dialog when you hit F2. As before, using F2 on these part types enables you to change the part's item name.

Issue ID: 11998, 12173

Projects: Improved Multiselect Delete of Issues with Relationships

When deleting multiple issues with relationships using multiselect, there is now a dialog giving you the option to choose to delete or skip all selected issues with one click instead of choosing for every individual issue.

Issue ID: 9979