The R26 release includes the following enhancements: 

Optimization for Node Structures When Using Slave Server

Improvements to the handling of changes to large node structures, e.g., creating a new version of a top item in a node structure, when using the Slave Server. 

Issue ID: 12019

Implementation of Multi-write Channel Option

Multiple write channels can now be used with swSlaveServer. The number of write channels is defined in the swSlaveServer.ini (WriteChannelCount=X) and there are three options:
0=1 channel for all (read and write) operations
1=1 channel for read operations and 1 channel for write operations
2-N=1 channel for read operations and multiple channels for write operations

Issue ID: 11929

Support for Encrypted Password

There is now support for encrypted password in the swSlaveServer.ini file.

Issue ID: 11929

Support for Multiple Slave Servers

With the R26 release, multiple slave servers can now connect to the master server using the System account.

More detailed information on slave servers can be found in the SystemWeaver Administration Manual available on our Support Portal or in the application’s Help.