No longer supported.

Note: Special attention should be given to the items highlighted in yellow as they may require additional planning/steps for your organization pre and/or post-upgrade. 

API Users

User Group
Issue ID
IswLibrary.GetItems (AOnlyLastVersions: Boolean) will be replaced
As of Release R26, there is a new method. IswQ.GetLibraryItems(IswLibrary library, bool onlyLastVersions):
This method is intended to replace IswLibrary.GetItems(AOnlyLastVersions: Boolean) that will be deprecated in a later release.
API User
Updated API documentation
The API documentation for item.VersionInfo has been updated with a description of how to convert the byte[] to string according to the below text:

Longer text, usually shown in a change log, describing the changes made to the item since last version.
  • The text is represented as a zlib compressed utf-16 xml string.
  • Please use SystemWeaver.Common.Internal.SWCompression.ZCompressStringToBytes (System.String) and    SystemWeaver.Common.Internal.SWCompression.ZDecompressToString (System.Byte[]) to convert to and from the byte array given by the API and the actual string value.

The documentation has also been updated to clarify the ordering of parts:  
The method GetPartItems returns the items in the part number order.
The method GetParts returns the parts in no specified order.
API user
12053, 12078
Updated ExtensionsAPI
The SystemWeaver Extensions API has been updated from 1.0 to 2.0. This only affects extensions placed in the swExplorerExtensions directory. Such extensions will need to be updated.
API user
Replacement of SWConnection.
SWConnection.OnDisconnect has been replaced by SWConnection.OnRetry, SWConnection.OnGiveUp giving API coders more control over how their application handles losing the connection to the server. If SWConnection.OnDisconnect is being used, it will need to be updated accordingly.
API user11967


User Group
Issue ID
swArchitect: Metadata Diff missing Attribute on Default tab
This fix an issue where attributes that share a SID with an item or part were not displaying on the Default tab.
Context tree: Fixes for recursion
The Context tree is used in a number of view, e.g., Coverage item -> item. This fixes an issue with recursion and the Context tree.
Export of Configure the explorer configurations
It is now possible to export any configurations made in the "Configure the explorer".

Fault Tree Analysis: Support for External Event

The Fault Tree Analysis view now supports the use of External events*:
Note that the probability of external events is included in the calculation of the probability of the top (fault) event.

The new option needs to be configured for the Fault Tree Analysis view using the <ExternalEventItem> element which specifies the item type used for the External Event items:

    <ContainerItem sid="2CEU"/>
    <LeafItem   sid="2CET"/>
    <ExternalEventItem sid="2CEV"/>
    <AndItem sid="2CLD"/>
    <OrItem sid="2CLO"/>
    <RootNodePart   sid="2IFW"/>
    <LogicInputPart sid="2IFI"/>
    <IntermediateNodeDefinitionAttribute sid="SIED"/>
    <TimeScaleAttribute sid="FRTS"/>
    <ProbabilityAttribute sid="FTAR"/>
    <TransferLabelAttribute sid="TRAN" />

Note: The new <ExternalEventItem sid=""/> must be added to configurations existing prior to the introduction of the external event option in order for the view to function properly.

* External events represents events that are not considered as being faults, but still contributes to the propagation of faults.


GenerateGraph: Fix for unstable display of ObjIcons
This fixes an issue with the display of ObjIcons in GenerateGraph in Reports.
New Icons
A number of new icons are available:

12133, 11944
Path Language: New CurrentUser method
There is now a CurrentUser method that can be used to return data about the user currently logged into SystemWeaver.


1.  CurrentUser

2.  CurrentUser.RealName
John Doe

3.  CurrentUser = 'John.Doe'
Path Language: Support for user-type attributes
There is now support for the use of the @ method in the Path Language with User-type attributes.


1.  For Set data type:

CurrentUser in @ABCD  

2.  For Single data type:

@USER = CurrentUser

Returns true/false if the user currently logged in is a value in the ABCD attribute.
Reports: Fix for GenerateGraph relating to Parallelogram shape

This fixes an issue with the use of the Parallelogram shape in GenerateGraph in Reports.



Script Language: Empty script error
When defining select statements that are empty, an improved error message will now inform which statement is empty.
<Variable name="emptyVariable"  select="" as="Items"/>
 Error message:
Structure Tree: Implementation of new part-type graph
This release includes the introduction of a structure tree graph option for Architect users which provides a graph view of the selected structure tree. This can be especially useful for verifying which parts are "turned on" in a tree default setting.
The graph is accessed by selecting the option in the structure tree default setting Edit menu:
The example structure tree above has been expanded and the part SIDs viewable are COMPS, REC and SEND. The part-type graph for the above tree would display as:    
    Solid connectors indicate parts currently viewable or "turned on" in the tree.      
   Dotted lines indicate inheritance.

swExport: Includes ability to include config-items
The swExport standalone tool now provides the ability to "Include config-items".
SystemWeaver XML Schema
An XML Schema defining SystemWeaver XML files is now available, as an XSD file, as part if this and future releases.

The schema can be used for validating SystemWeaver XML files produced by non-SystemWeaver applications.

Note that the schema validation is not a sufficient condition for SystemWeaver applications to accept files, since additional constraints apply. For example, any objects (items, parts, nodes) that are referenced to in the file, must exist in the file or in the target database. Also, any types that are referenced to, must exist in the database*.

Contact to obtain the XML schema file.

*  Such types can be supplied in the XML file, but must then be imported into the target database prior to any import of objects.
Test views: Ability to change labels "System Test" and "SUT"
With the R26 release, the labels "Test System" and "SUT" are no longer hard-coded for the following views in the Test domain:
  • Create test
  • Result grid
  • Result history
  • Test configuration
  • Scope result
Instead, the part names for the Test domain SIDS "IRTS" and "ISSU" will be used as the labels. The part names can be updated by Architect users using the swArchitect client. The labels will update immediately.

The "Create test" view where "IRTS" and "ISSU" have been named "TEST RIG" and "TEST OBJECT":

XML Export: Client information included in export
XML exports now include a new line <ExportedByProgram> in the Info section that provides the client (swExplorer.exe or swExport.exe) and version that was used to generate the XML.



XML Export: Fix for description references when using swap in "Swap in foreign ids"
This fixes an issue with description references when using Export to XML with the option to "Swap in foreign ids".
XML Generation: Various enhancements
The R26 release includes various adjustments to XML generation with regards to XHTML.
12152, 12160, 12158, 12159
XML Import: Fix for update of parts
This fixes an issue with the handling of parts during XML import.

IT Administrators

NameDescriptionUser GroupIssue ID
Open Item: Client-side optimization of Delete Items
Release R26 includes improved performance on the Explorer client-side when deleting a large number of items.
IT Administrator
Optimization of Id Generation
This improves the performance of operations like “New version” and “Replace to next version” on items that have many parts and nodes.
IT Administrator
Optimization of Item.GetAllReferences
The use of Item.GetAllReferences has been optimized on the server side. It is now about 4 times faster than before.
IT Administrator
Optimization of New Version
The process of taking out a new version has been optimized by creating a transaction.
IT Administrator
Optimization through serialization of parts, nodes and IssueObjRefs
The serialization of parts have been greatly optimized, significantly reducing the load on the server when packing items with many parts.
Nodes and IssueObjRefs are now serialized using the fast method which greatly reduces the server load when serializing nodes.
IT Administrator


Slave Server: Implementation of multi-write channel option
Multiple write channels can now be used with swSlaveServer. The number of write channels is defined in the swSlaveServer.ini (WriteChannelCount=X) and there are three options:
0=1 channel for all (read and write) operations
1=1 channel for read operations and 1 channel for write operations
2-N=1 channel for read operations and multiple channels for write operations
IT Administrator


Slave Server: Optimization for node structures
This release includes improvements to the handling of changes to large node structures when using the Slave Server.
IT Administrator


Slave Server: Support for encrypted password

There is now support for encrypted password in the swSlaveServer.ini file.

As an alternative to the SWPassword entry in the file, you can now use the SWPasswordEncrypted entry instead:
The SystemWeaver tool EncryptString.exe can be used for generating an encrypted password for this purpose. Read more about the new option in the Help manual.
IT Administrator


Slave Server: Support for multiple slave servers
With the R26 release, multiple slave servers can connect to the master server using the System account.
IT Administrator

swAdmin2: Create user account with Network ID only
With the R26 release, it is now possible to create a new user account without setting a password as long as a valid Network id (user id in Active Directory) is provided.
It is now required to have either Network ID or Password populated when creating a new account. Populating both Network id and Password continues to be allowed.

A password can be cleared in an existing user account as long as Network id is populated. Note that existing accounts with no password will continue to display placeholder dots in the Password field even though a Password is not set.
IT Administrator


swAdmin2: Fix for upload of corrupt license files
This fixes a vulnerability where a corrupt license file could crash the application. Now, a corrupt license file is manageable and can be removed.
IT Administrator


swDatabaseManager: Problem with Fix node trees
This fixes a bug with the node reparation tool in swDatabaseManager.
IT Administrator



User Group
Issue ID
Component Graph: Various fixes

The R26 release resolves various Component Graph issues as outlined below:
  • When you had decomposition in a component graph, the top item in the structure was the focus of the graph regardless of selected item.
  • Signal names did not print in reports if the component graph had been resize


11977, 12084

Configurable Charts: Ability to scroll vertically
The viewing of multiple configured charts in the Charts view has been improved with the implementation of a vertical scrollbar and a two-column layout.
Configurable Charts: Chart Content Sector

It is now possible to copy (Ctrl+C) a chart content sector (pie slice, column, area) and find the associated content in the structure tree (using Ctrl+G) highlighted in green.

Pie Chart Example:
This new feature will be especially helpful if you would like information in a configured chart to remain locked in the Secondary view and indicated in the structure tree while you continue to work in your primary view. In the above example, a pie chart is locked in view and the content with the attribute value of "Test" is highlighted in the structure tree. Work can continue in the primary view which is Overview.


Configurable Graph: Various fixes
The R26 release resolves various Configurable Graph issues as outlined below:
  • A performance issue relating to consecutive graph builds. 
  • An issue with the display of bus connections in graphs

11682, 11992
Configurable Grid: Various fixes
The R26 release resolves various Configurable Grid issues as outlined below:
  • Issues relating to incorrect item indication in the structure tree and functioning of Open Item in Grid. 
  • Issue with editing NameColumn and AttributeColumn for parts in grid

12020, 12229
Find: resolves exception during searching
This fixes an issue relating to "check encoding" during searching.
Grid view: Support for F5 refresh
There is now support for refresh of Grid views using the F5 key. This allows you to quickly refresh a grid view while working in the tree. For example, you can open the grid view in a separate window using Ctrl+Alt+O, work in the tree, and fresh your grid as needed.
Open Item: Open item in clean structure

There is now an option to open a selected item without using the Default view setting for the structure tree. When using this option, the selected item will open with a completely empty part list in the structure tree so you get a clean slate for which to enable part types.



Project notes log fixed for enum set attribute

Previously, the notes log for an issue was displayed incorrectly when changing an attribute of type enum with dimension set.

This has now been corrected:  



Projects: Improved multiselect delete of issues with relationships
When deleting multiple issues with relationships using multiselect, there is now a dialog giving you the option to choose to delete or skip all selected issues with one click instead of choosing for every individual issue.

Replacement of built-in PDF printer

SystemWeaver's built-in PDF printer has now been replaced throughout the application with the WIN10 built-in pdf writer. As part of this, the Export to PDF button has been removed from Print Preview. Just like with Report printing, Document printing to PDF will now be done using the Print options:
Windows 10 includes the ability to print documents straight to PDF. For users running earlier versions and who do not have a Print to PDF printer installed, a free one can be installed, such as CutePDF. Otherwise, contact your IT department for assistance.


Reports: Generate graph autofills to full-page width
The resulting graph content of a <GenerateGraph> in reports will now autofill to the full-page width of the report.
Structure Tree: Improved parts renaming functionality in tree

The R26 release includes an improvement in the area of part renaming to clarify whether a user is changing a part's part name or item name as well as whether or not renaming is allowed. This applies for parts where Use Part Name is activated in the Architect.

For Architects: 
New warning messages indicate implications of Use Part Name selection in the swArchitect client.
When you select the option, a message informs "Press OK to enable the use of explicit part names for Part X."
When you deselect the option: "Press OK to remove the possibility for changeable part names for Part X. This will irrevocably reset all existing part names to the name of its def obj."

Note: The default setting is unselected (false). You can view (and export to Excel) the Use Part Name setting for all Parts by adding a UsePartName column:

For End-users: 
If Use Part Name is activated for the part type you have selected, when you chose to rename the part in the structure tree using F2, the Set item and part name dialog will appear allowing you to change the part's item name and/or part name.
If you set a part name in either the structure tree or in the Parts view, it will display in blue font. The part's item name renames unchanged (unless you specifically change that as well in the dialog):
If a part has been frozen or released, you can still change the part's part name in the structure tree, but the part's item name cannot be edited:
Note: If Use Part Name is not activated for the part type you have selected, you will not be presented with the Set item and part name dialog when you hit F2. As before, using F2 on these part types enables you to change the part's item name.

12173, 11998

Structure Tree: Warning when adding "invisible" part

In a structure tree, when adding a new or existing part of a part type that is currently not set to display in the tree, a dialog informs of the part type's current display setting in the structure and presents options to either cancel the add or continue to add the "invisible" part anyway. The new warning is associated with adds using the right-click context menu options of New, Add and Paste As and when using Ctrl+V.
This warning will be helpful in situations where a user adds a part, but because it is not visible, he/she may add it again thinking that the action was not successful.


Variability matrix: Freeze Name column
When viewing a variability matrix that consists of a large number of columns, the left-most Name column will now remain in view when using the horizontal scrollbar.
Versions view: Added columns remain when navigating tree
In the Versions view, when you add columns to the version history section, e.g., for Last Changed By, Owner, etc., and navigate between different item types in the structure tree, your added columns will now remain in place during each use of the view.
Versions view: List all default attribute types
This fixes a bug with the display of default attributes of Computed type.