Libraries in SystemWeaver are used for managing access rights to items. Every item must always belong to exactly one library. The Libraries view is available when an item is selected in the structure tree. You access the view by clicking on the Libraries button on the Items ribbon or by selecting it in the View drop-down list.

When you open the view, the library structure associated with the items in the substructure of the selected item (including the selected item itself) will display. In the below example, there are five libraries associated with the items in the "SystemWeaver - demonstration" structure. 

The Names of the libraries are displayed in the first column. The Number of items column indicates the number of items in the substructure that belong to the specific library. Any library that does not include an item from the substructure will display a blank count and the library name will be shown in grayed-out text. In the above example, the "Variability demo database" library does not have any items assigned to it. 

The Libraries view supports traceability back to the structure tree, i.e., if you select a specific library in the view, the indicator column in the structure tree is highlighted for all items that belong to the selected library. In the example above, most of the sub-items of the "SystemWeaver - demonstration" item belong to the "Prep for 1348" library. The "SystemWeaver - demonstration" item itself is assigned to the "Prep for 1348" library indicated by the green highlight in the view. By clicking on a library in the view, you can pinpoint the associated items in the structure. In the example, the "Test" library is selected in the view and there are green indicators in the structure tree to show the location of the assigned items. 

Although you can select and copy a library in this view, it's more efficient to use the Manage libraries page to work on library structures.

Tip: If you have selected a library in the Libraries view, that library will automatically be selected when you open the Manage libraries page.