It is possible to specify margin widths for printed reports/documents using the <Margins> tag in <Options>. Below is one example.


    <TitlePageText x="150" y="6500">A text</TitlePageText>
    <Margins left="30" top="10" right="13" bottom="10"/>
  <Section title="Introduction">
  <Section title="Chapter 1">
    <Section title="This is a section">
    <Section title="This is another section">


Paying Attention to Total Width

If your description content contains elements that do not auto-grow, e.g., a table or image with a fixed width, you may find that these fixed widths together with a specified margin will put your document width "over the edge" causing the table or image to be cut-off in the printed result as illustrated in the example below. A printed page has a static width. You may need to adjust your margin or image or table column widths to obtain a good print result. 

Note: In the configuration, width="x" sets the column's width to "x" pixels, where x is number greater than 0 or "auto" for auto size.


Result Showing Table Cut-off in Printed Output