The Complete Status view is where you can see and control the status of all items in a configuration. It's the best place to execute a release process of a large configuration, such as a baseline, or change the status of a large subset of items as needed. Unlike other views, this view shows all Items in the selected structure tree independent of your current view setting in the tree.  

Select the top-item in the structure and select the Complete Status view via the Items Ribbon or by selecting it in the View drop-down list. 

Getting Acquainted with the View

By default, the Complete Status view lists all items in the structure of the selected item except the ones already with the status 'CS Released'. The pie chart in the upper left corner gives a summary of the status of included items.

Item List Information

You'll see the following information for each item in the list:

Name: The item name

Version: The version number of the item

Status: The version status of the item

Owner: The Owner property of the item

Home library: The home library property of the item

Multiple versions: This column indicates if the listed item occurs multiple times in the item structure of the top item, but with different versions. This may be an indication of a problem and should be reviewed. The number of items found to have multiple versions is shown in the parenthesis. This count only includes items seen in the list, so be aware that the filter buttons (described below) may mask occurrences, e.g., there may be items that are 'CS Released' for which there are multiple versions in the structure). Items in the list that have multiple occurrences will have a value of “True”. To quickly locate such items, sort on the Multiple Versions column by clicking on the column header. To handle instances of multiple versions, see How to Find Multiple Versions in a Structure

Tip: The list can be sorted by any of the available columns to make your work easier. You an add additional columns as well, for example, you may want to sort by item type (Type.Name) as shown below: 

Filtering Options

The following filter options are available at the top-right and affect what is included in the displayed item list:

Include Main Item: Checked by default to exclude the top item from the list so that it does not get released by mistake. This option can be useful for the release of an item structure where the top item has many attributes that can only be set when the content of the structure is released.
Exclude CS_Released: Checked by default to limit the number of listed items. To support the release of large structures, e.g., 100,000s of items, where the release is performed bottom up, checking this box excludes all items that are already released. This way you will only see the items that have not yet been released.
Exclude Base Variant: An option retained for historical reasons. The Base Variant construct supports the commonality aspect of variants, and in some cases you might want to exclude this from a baseline. However, this may also prevent a top item from being 'CS_Released' and the clear indication of a completely released structure.

Freeze, Thaw or Release

You can set the status of selected items by using the buttons shown above the item list:

Freeze selected: Sets selected items in 'Work' status to 'Frozen'. Other items will not be affected.

Thaw selected: Sets selected items in 'Frozen' status to 'Work'. Other items will not be affected.

Release selected: Sets selected items in 'Work' or 'Frozen' status to 'Released' (or 'CS_Released'). Other items will not be affected.

These same options are also available in a context menu: 

Releasing a Complete Structure

Select all items in the list (Ctrl+A), right-click and select Release Selected (or use the button provided in the view). All of the selected items will receive a status of 'Released'. If all items in the structure are released, the top-level item will automatically receive a status of 'CS Released' which indicates that the complete structure is released and can never be changed. The only way to change it would be to take out a new version. Status changes are performed in the Batch operation dialog and are immediate. 

Updating the Status of a Subset

If you want to update the status of a subset of items, you can use the Complete Status view although typically, if the subset is manageable, you can quickly do this in the structure tree itself. For much larger subsets, however, Complete Status would make your task easier since the items may be located in different levels of your structure. You can multi-select and update the status of specific items in the list by holding down the Shift key (for selecting adjacent items) or Ctrl key (for selecting non-adjacent items) and clicking items and then selecting the Freeze Selected, Thaw Selected or Release selected option. In the below example, 3 items were selected in the list and set to 'Frozen' using the Freeze Selected button: 

When the operation is completed, click Exit to close the dialog.