A chart for a test scope ("/ITTX/ITEC") to see the number of test cases by "ABCD" attribute value ('Not automated', 'Automated', and null). Find out more about configuring charts.

Example Configuration

      <Slice name="first" caption="To Be Decided" color="blue"/>
      <Slice name="second" caption="Not Automated" color="red"/>
      <Slice name="third" caption="Automated" color="green"/>
    <Counter name="My Pie">
      <ForEach select="/ISSP/ITEC">
          <When test="@ABCD=''">
            <AddToSlice name="first"/>
          <When test="@ABCD='Not automated'">
            <AddToSlice name="second"/>
          <When test="@ABCD='Automated'">
            <AddToSlice name="third"/>

Example Result