During configuration work, it may be helpful at times to view the existing relationships and inheritance of a particular item type in a diagram. The Item Type view does just this. It provides an overview of the meta model for a selected item, enabling you to view its inheritance, allowed parts and its use as a part. This information can be helpful during configuration work, for example, when designing a report

Tip: Another useful view for meta model review is the Meta Model Graph view.

Select an item in the structure tree and select the Item Type view from the View drop-down menu. 


The Item Type view shows metadata information about the item selected in the structure tree. This information includes data such as:

  • The item type name of the selected item (highlighted in blue). The type name that is always visible in the upper right corner of a view. Example: Parameter Component (A)
  • The small box at the top-right of the type box shows the SID of the type. Example: 2P09. (B)
  • The links that go to the right describe all parts that the selected item type can have. The multiplicity, name and SID of the part type is displayed. Example: (0..1)Config structures (2IP6). (C)
  • The boxes that the links go to describe the defining item types that can be used for those parts. Example: Feature Model. (D)
  • The links that go to the left describes all parts where the highlighted type can be used as a defining type. Example: (0..1)Specification (IBSF). (E)
  • The boxes that the links come from describe items that refer to the selected item. (F) 
  • The boxes drawn above the highlighted box, linked via inheritance arrows () are item types that the highlighted type inherits from. This means that all the parts of such types, and the possible use as defining item, is also allowed for the highlighted type (G)Boxes that are dashed indicate types that are abstract. You cannot create items of an abstract type, and the abstract types are only used for the management of the meta model.

You can navigate in the view by double-clicking on any of the boxes in the diagram to change the focus.

If you want to know more about a specific type you can use Alt+Click shortcut on an item to show the Item meta hint:

The Open in PowerPoint button creates a new PowerPoint presentation of the meta model:

Note: Deprecated items or parts in the meta model are hidden in the Item Type view. To view these, see the Meta Model Graph view instead.