Architect users can find up-to-date lists of available image icons for use with configuration items, e.g., merge buttons and multi-instance configurable views on the Items ribbon, on the Checks tab in Configure the explorer

The image number is located below the icon. 

Show GUI images displays all icons available for multi-instance configurable views.

Show type images displays all icons available for types (i.e., items, parts) in the meta model and for multi-instance configurable views.

Images in both lists can be used for plugins.

Lists (updated 2023-02-10)

GUI Images

Type Images


Merge Button 

<MergeButton caption="Test" image="55">

View Settings in Multi-instance Configuration

       <Caption>Coverage: item->item</Caption>
       <Description>Hint shown in the ribbon</Description>
       <Image guiImage="25">