The swExplorerLauncher is a utility application included in the swExplorer client that manages references to SystemWeaver objects according to the "swap" URL protocol. It enables users to click on a URL link to an item or issue and have the item or issue open in swExplorer regardless of whether or not swExplorer is open at the time on the machine. 

Example URL 



  • Client application installation includes the following files:
    • swExplorerLauncher.conf
    • swExplorerLauncher.exe
    • swExplorerLauncherRegister.bat
    • swExplorerLauncherUnregister.bat

Registering swExplorerLauncher

swExplorerLauncher needs to be registered on computer in order for the links to open in swExplorer. 

You must have rights to run the BAT file as administrator on your machine. 

  1. To register, navigate out to the client installation. 
  2. Right-click on the swExplorerLauncherRegister BAT file, and select Run as administrator.
  3. Click Yes to any confirmation dialog. Once the cmd window displays Press any key to continue..., you can close the window.

Once registered, if you click on a link and already have swExplorer open, the item or issue will open directly. If the application is not open, clicking on the link will activate the application and take you to the login screen. After logging in, you will be redirected to the item or issue. 

Note: When clicking on a link in Microsoft Office applications, you may receive a security notice. Click Yes to continue.

Unregistering swExplorerLauncher

To unregister swExplorerLauncher, double-click on the swExplorerLauncherUnregister BAT file.