Thank you for choosing SystemWeaver for your product development management needs!

There are two sources of documentation to support you in your work - this SystemWeaver Support Portal and the Help provided within the application. The two sources are described below and tips are included that might prove useful in navigating and finding content.

Support Portal

The support portal has three sections: Knowledge Base, Forums and Support Tickets.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is organized into the following sections: 

Getting Started

You'll find information about the SystemWeaver Support Portal as well as articles that provide demo and training databases for testing SystemWeaver.

What's New

Release notes for official releases and articles highlighting new features are available in this section. 

SystemWeaver Explorer

Primarily for end users, this section includes topic-based articles covering standard functionality in Explorer, and separate sub-categories describing how to work with specific solutions in SystemWeaver that are configured to handle a variety of development management needs, such as Change Management. You can browse through the articles or enter one or more words in the search tool to quickly locate topics on a particular subject.

Domain Solutions

Building on top of SystemWeaver's core functionality are innovative, problem-solving solutions that enable organizations to optimize development processes. This section contains presentations of Systemite's various solutions and how to work with them in SystemWeaver Explorer.

SystemWeaver Architect - Configuration

As a SystemWeaver Architect, find out how to configure Item views and Explorer views in swExplorer as well as how to configure Meta Models in swArchitect. In Domain Solutions, you can learn more about specific solution models in SystemWeaver. Browse through the articles or enter one or more words in the Search tool to quickly locate topics on a particular subject.


You'll find articles here about using the SystemWeaver API, Extensions API, and Rest API.

SystemWeaver Administration

For User Account Administrators, find out how to administer user accounts, roles and licenses using the SystemWeaver Admin (swAdmin) application.

SystemWeaver Server Administration

IT administrators can find articles here relating to SystemWeaver installation, maintenance, and software and hardware requirements.

Support Tickets

The Support Portal offers users a quick and easy way to submit questions and report issues to the Systemite Support Department via Tickets. You must have a Support Portal account to do so. Contact to obtain an account. Then, to submit a ticket you simply click the button from anywhere on the portal. You can view your current and historical tickets at any time on the Tickets tab. There, you can view the status of your tickets: 

Being ProcessedWe are working on your request.
Has Been EscalatedWe are working on your request and it has been escalated.
Awaiting Your ReplyWe are waiting for a response from you.
This ticket has been ClosedYour ticket has been closed and no further work will be completed on your question or reported issue.
This ticket has been ResolvedA temporary status to indicate that we believe that we have resolved your issue/answered your question. If there is no response from you, we will assume that you are satisfied and the ticket will be automatically closed after 48 hours.
Pending BugThe bug you reported has been submitted to our Development Team. We will update you when it has been fixed.
Pending Feature RequestThe feature request you made has been submitted to our Development Team. We will keep you updated on any development. 

If you would prefer not to have a support account, you can still submit a support ticket simply by emailing Learn more about interacting with support tickets.


The Help manual provided with the application is accessible via thebutton on the application title bar and describes general features of the SystemWeaver Explorer (swExplorer) client, Architect (swArchitect) client and the Admin (swAdmin2) utility.

The structure of the Help manual follows the structure of the application rather than taking a user point of view and contains the following manuals and reference guides. 

  • swExplorer Reference Manual
  • swExplorer User Manual
  • Path Query Reference Manual
  • swArchitect Reference Manual
  • SystemWeaver Script Language Reference Manual
  • Field Codes Reference Manual
  • FMEA
  • SystemWeaver Administration Manual
  • swAdmin2 Reference Manual
  • Access Rights

If you are uncertain about where to find a particular topic, enter a keyword in the Search text box provided. The keyword hits will be highlighted in the menu and you can navigate through them to find the information you need: