An existing attachment to an item can be replaced with a new version, or can be removed entirely. This article describes how to upload a new revision of an existing attachment file, and how to delete an attachment file.


  • You must have "Write" access rights to the CMS project to add an attachment
  • The server installation is configured with a file repository


Editing an Attachment

There are two ways you can modify an attachment to an item and then save the modified attachment:

  1. Select the item that has the attachment. 
  2. In the Attachments view, open the attachment by double-clicking on the line of the attachment in SystemWeaver.
  3. Make and save the changes in the application you are using. When you save the change, the file is saved to a temporary area in Windows. (You do not need to know where that is.)
  4. Click the  button. The FormCommitFiles dialog will display. Any attachments for the selected item that have been modified will display. In the below example, only the Attachment_B.docx file has been modified:
  5. Optional comments can be added to the Comment field. 
  6. Select the file in the list to be committed by checking the box to the left of the file icon.
  7. Click OK. The updated file will be saved and its Revision number will update by one increment.

Note:  You may have to close the file or exit the file editor so that the file is not locked.

Uploading a New Revision

If you have downloaded the file to a location in Windows and saved the edited file there, you should use the Upload new revision option.

  1. In the Attachments view, right-click on the file that needs to be replaced and select Upload new revision.
  2. In the Windows Open file dialog, select the file to attach and click Open
  3. Enter an optional comment for the attachment upload in the Add comment dialog and click OKThe Revision number will update by one increment.

Versioning of Attachments

Attachments are versioned along with the item having the attachments. Whenever you change an attachment, a new revision of the file will be created.

Note: The word "revision" used here focuses on the change of a file, rather than that each revision is defined by a version of the file.

When an item is released, the attachment files will be released as well, i.e., the attachments will be preserved for the future and no attachment can be changed or added for the item, unless a new version of the item is created.

Removing an Attachment

Attachments can be removed by right-clicking on the attachment and selecting Remove attachment

Enter an optional comment and click OK

What's Next? 

See Viewing the Change Log of an Item Attachment.