In general all actions and modifications in SystemWeaver are performed and stored immediately as part of the collaboration principles and there are few general undo actions. Below are the "undo" actions that are available: 

  • Descriptions: Text editing in item and issue Descriptions can be undone using the Ctrl+Z shortcut any number of times*
  • Versioning: The versioning in SystemWeaver defines reference points for past status, and you can roll back to these points by using the Replace to any version option.

Replace to Any Version

The Replace to any version option allows you to roll back a part with "Work" status to an earlier version. The option is available in the structure tree as well as views such as Parts and Status. It can only be used on a single item/part. 

  1. In the structure tree or in the Parts view, right-click the part you want to roll back and select Replace to any version.

    In the Status view, a button is provided to the far right:

  2. In the Versions for dialog, select the version you want to roll back to and click OK.

In the Status view, this option is very useful when you want to align the use of different versions when there are multiple occurrences.

  1. Select the part in the tree that you want to roll back. 
  2. Select the Status view either via the Items ribbon menu or by selecting it in the View drop-down. All occurrences will display. 
  3. In the Current occurrences list, select the multiple occurrences that you want to roll back and click Replace to any version
  4. In the Versions for dialog, select the version you want to roll back to and click OK. The Batch operation dialog displays. 
  5. Click OK to update the parts to the selected version. 

* Limited by available memory.