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I am trying to use this function: SystemWeaver.Common.SWUtility.RvfzToDocX(System.Byte[],SystemWeaver.Common.IswBroker) It is documented in the SystemWeaverClientAPI.XML (Fileversion 1.5). When calling SWUtility.RvfzToDocX(item.DescriptionSWConnection.Instance.Broker) I get an error saying that "No method matches given arguments".

Do you know if I am doing something wrong or if the documentation is incorrect?



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To get the Description content as docx, use:

docx = SWDescription.DescriptionToDocX( item.Description, SWConnection.Instance.Broker)

or, to use "RvfzToDocX" you need to give RVZF data of the Description:

System.Byte[] :Compressed RichView data

docx2 = SWUtility.RvfzToDocX(item.Description.Data, SWConnection.Instance.Broker)

    for docx_byte in docx2:


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