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Issue / Item relationships and version of Item

I have the following use case: A user creates an issue and add it as an issue reference on an item (e.g. a requirement). Later the item is updated to a new version. The creator of the issue then check the new version item but the issue is still remaining. What is the easiest way to update the issue to reference the new version of the item? Either so that only the new version of the item is referenced or both of them. 

It is possible to view issues for old versions of an item ("Show issues for older versions"). To update the reference it seem the issue has to be copied and added as a new reference to the item and then remove the reference to the old item. Is there a simpler way. For example something like "Update reference to latest version".

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Hi David!

You have an option to define different kinds of relationships between issues and items. You can read more about relationships in Understanding Relationships between Issues and Items. There is an option to have issues "float" from an item version to the next. For example, if an item that has links to issues is released and a new version is created, all of its linked issues will move to the next version of the item. You can read about floating in How to Define a Relationship Between Issues and Items

Hope this gives you what you need!

Systemite Support

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