Geared for SystemWeaver Architects, the Complete Part Types view can assist Architects in their work of setting up and analyzing defined view settings for the structure tree. When selected, the view analyzes the visible item types in the structure tree for a chosen view setting and displays the part types available for these visible item types. It also indicates whether they are set to be displayed or not in the selected view setting. The view is used for analysis only. Subsequent changes to view settings are done by Architect users as described in Configure Tree View Settings.


  • The Complete Part Types view is set to "Active" in Configure the Explorer.
  • Defined view settings exist for the item structure selected. This will always be the case for a structure given that there is always a "Default" view setting.
    Note that the Complete Part Types view is, however, not applicable if items are opened from the clipboard and do not have any structure.

The Complete Part Types view can be accessed via the View drop-down list. 

The View drop-down in Complete Part Types will display all of the defined view settings for the selected item structure. Select the one that you want to analyze.

The grid will display the following information about the parts in the structure: 

Item Type 

The item type that owns the part type. Note that this can be an item type higher up in the inheritance hierarchy than what is present in the structure tree. 

When you select an item in the tree, it will highlight in gray in the view. If the selected item type is a sub-type of an abstract item type in the meta model, the abstract item type will be displayed in its place. 

Part Type

Shows the name of the part type. Note that Description Reference is displayed as a part type to the "Item" item type. As a rule of thumb, you do not want to have Description Reference turned on in a tree view. It can substantially increase loading times for users.

Part Type SID

Shows the part type SID.

Def Type

Shows the item type that the part type points to.


Indicates whether or not the part type is visible in the selected view setting. 

The sort and filter functionality marked in the below picture simplifies the work of identifying missing part types in the view settings.

If you modify a view setting while you have the Complete Part Types view loaded, you will need to refresh the view to display your recent changes. 

Note: The Complete Part Types view is an extension. Depending on your SystemWeaver set-up, it may not be available.