Depending on which database type you are running for your SystemWeaver installation, the back-up process for it will be different. Note, however, that if you are using a database type other than SQLite, the file repository will still need to be backed up (see How to Back Up the Database). When it comes to the file repository, the type of repository you use will affect the back-up process.

Filed-Based File Repository

This is the format that we generally recommend. If the file-based file repository is used along with the swServerCommand.exe utility as described in How to Back Up the Databasethe backup file generated will contain only the file index. It does not generate a backup of the files in the repository so this must be done separately. To get a backup index file in sync with the file repository itself, it is recommended that the backup of the file repository be performed just after the backup of the index file. If not, a file repository backup from a later point of time will pose no real problem, other than that any files added to the repository after the backup index file was created will not be detected by the file index.

Database File Repository

If a SQLite database-type file repository is used, the single backup file will contain the entire file repository.