With many grid-type views in SystemWeaver, there is an option to export to Excel. Right-click anywhere on the header row and, if the option is available, select Export to Excel. The Excel worksheet will include one row per item/part in the order displayed in the view. Below are just a few examples.

Structure Tree

In the structure tree, parts that are not turned on (i.e., hidden) in the tree will not be included. Your output will include other properties which you can just remove.

Configurable Grid

Issues View

Things to Consider

  • The export is of plain text only. Export to Excel does not support images and tables as Excel cannot store the images in the cells. For an export that includes tables and/or images, typically one would configure a report (i.e., move the Grid definition to a Report and swap out <Grid> for <Table>). If the output absolutely needs to be in Excel, then the content can be copied from the PDF report to Excel, or you can right-click on the report and Save to RTF. However, some formatting may be lost.
  • Although it is technically possible to include item Descriptions in a grid, we do not recommend it due to content size.
  • There's a hard limit in both the . xls and . xlsx file formats of 32,767 characters in a cell.