Typically, SystemWeaver installations are run within a closed network at an organization. As such, the use of SSL encryption for the connection between the SystemWeaver Server and Database and the SystemWeaver clients is not necessary from a security standpoint. However, if used outside a closed network, an option is available to use SSL encryption*. 

To enable SSL encryption, open the swServer.ini configuration file in a text editor and set the UseSSL entry to "True". 

The CertPassword entry must also be set. Enter the certificate password here. It is used for authentication purposes in the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the SystemWeaver clients can detect the legitimacy of the server. For intranet use, authentication is normally not required and SystemWeaver is therefore distributed with dummy certificates, with the dummy password "aaaa". If there is a need for specific certificates, the dummy certificate file can be replaced by certificates generated by OpenSSL (www.openssl.org).  

Save your changes. The changes will take affect the next time the server is restarted. 

Note: Within a closed network, 'False' or a null value could be used to improve robustness for network disturbances.

Command Line Option

The following command line option is available for the swServer. It is the same function as the UseSSL entry described above.

Ssl [true/false]    

* The availability of the encryption option is restricted due to EU regulations. Please contact us for more information.