Open Item: Client-side Optimization of Delete Items

Release R26 includes improved performance on the Explorer client-side when deleting a large number of items.

Issue ID: 12089

Optimization of Id Generation

This improves the performance of operations like “New version” and “Replace to next version” on items that have many parts and nodes.

Issue ID: 12109

Optimization through Serialization of Parts, Nodes and IssueObjRefs

The serialization of parts have been greatly optimized, significantly reducing the load on the server when packing items with many parts.
Nodes and IssueObjRefs are now serialized which greatly reduces the server load when serializing nodes.

Issue ID: 12217

Optimization of Item.GetAllReferences

The use of Item.GetAllReferences has been optimized on the server side. It is now about 4 times faster than before.

Issue ID: 12124