A data problem with an attribute can potentially result is problems with server starts and or running system reports. 

Example Error Message

ERROR main    - Access violation at address 0000000000F7CBD6 in module 'swTestServer.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000010

[0000000000F7CBD6] swServerDataSerializer.TServerDataSerializer.SerializeAttributeWithoutOwner (Line 945, "swServerDataSerializer.pas" + 16) + $F

The error can be resolved by running the Remove attributes without type script available in the swDatabaseManager tool. 


  • Server and database compatible version of swDatabaseManager.exe
  • The SystemWeaver server is stopped
  • Sole access to the database during update
  • If journaling is enabled on the main server for mirroring, it must be deactivated. A new journal file and new cache file(s) will need to be generated after the script it run. 

  1. Complete the above Prerequisites.b
  2. Open the swDatabaseManager. 
  3. Select database.
  4. Click Remove attributes without typeThe log window will indicate when the operation is done. No data is lost by running this script.
  5. Close the application. 
  6. Restart the server.