SystemWeaver's cryptographically secure license keys are managed using the swAdmin2 application. The interface is described in The SystemWeaver Admin Utility Interface

Get Server ID

In order to obtain a license file, you need to provide your system's Server id. Click Get Server Id. The server ID will appear as text similar to what is shown in the screenshot below. 

Select and copy all the text from the text box using Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C and send the content to your Systemite or Reseller contact in an e-mail.

Note: A Server Id is associated with the computer on which the SystemWeaver server is installed. If the installation is moved to a different machine, contact Systemite to obtain a new license key. 

Add License

Whether you are replacing an expired license file or adding your first, once you receive it, you simply add it to your system by clicking Add license. A file Open dialog will display and you can then navigate to and select the license file and click Open. To acquire a server license, you must first supply the server ID to your Systemite reseller as described above. Once you have a license added, user accounts can be created

Delete License

To delete an expired license once you have adding a new one, simply select the license you want to delete and click Delete license