The article provides an example of a configurable grid containing information about issues linked to a selected item. It uses the default issue-item relation (SID=IR), but any issue-item relation that is defined can be included. This may be suitable, for example, when using the Issues view does not provide all of the information you need.

Example Data

Example Configuration
    <ItemNameColumn width="150" objectName="item"/>     
    <IssueStatusColumn width="150" caption="Issue Status" objectName="issue"/>      
    <IssueIdColumn width="150" caption="Issue ID" objectName="issue"/>             
    <NameColumn width="150" caption="Issue Name" objectName="issue"/>       
    <TextColumn width="150" caption="LastChangedBy" objectName="issue">#{?LastChangedBy.RealName}</TextColumn> 
    <TextColumn width="150" caption="LastChangedDate" objectName="issue">#{?LastChanged.Format('')}</TextColumn>
        <DescriptionColumn width="300" objectName="issue"/>
  <ForEach select="/ITSR">
        <RowObject name="item">
            <ForEach select="/issueref::IR"> 
                <RowObject name="issue"/>

Example ResultĀ