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Missing list of occurrence matrixes

It is possible to get a list of configured "basic / built-in" views under File->Configure the explorer->Checks->Check config items. This list seem to miss Occurrence matrixes and Charts. It would be good if it included those as well to get a complete picture of the set up configurations. 

It would be really good if these configurations was exportable as well, just as for plugin configurations (Export configurations to folder in same view)

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Hi David, 

Thank you for your feedback on the Check config items option. We'll go ahead and submit this for analysis to see if it is possible to include them all here. We'll keep you updated! 

Regarding exporting these configurations, you can do this today using the swArchitect client. 

Exporting Config Items


The configurations are in the "Items" section of the XML export. 

Best regards, 

Systemite Support

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