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Multiple configurations for Create issue for item

The view "Create issue for item" currently only allows one configuration, which limits it to be used to one use-case at the time. If I try to add two <config> elements there is an error ("Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document.").

The view should allow multiple configuration to allow multiple use cases. Some example use cases:

  • User can create "Review issues" for requirements in a specification
  • User can create "Planning issues" for the same requirement specification.
  • User can create "Bug reports"  based on test cases in a Test

The <TopItemType> can be set to "I" to enable the view for all items, but it still limits it to one <ItemRefType> for the created issues.

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Hi David, 

Thanks for your feature request. We agree that it is a good idea and will update you if any development work is done on this.

Best regards, 

Systemite Support

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