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Issue as parameter

I'm trying to create a view with connected issue as parameter. With the xml code below I'm getting the dropdown parameter selection with issues, but when selecting one the log says the following:


Parameter value is not an item in parameter: issueP
Cannot find variable with name: issueP

 Grid XML definition:

    <Parameter caption="Select issue" name="issueP">
            <ForEachIssueInObj type="IR">
                <IssueTypeEquals name="Issue Type"/>
    <NameColumn width="150" caption="Issue name" objectName="issue"/>
    <IssueStatusColumn width="150" caption="Issue Status" objectName="issue"/>      
    <IssueIdColumn width="150" caption="Issue ID" objectName="issue"/>
    <DescriptionColumn width="150" caption="Issue description" objectName="issue"/>                
  <ForEach select="$issueP"> <!-- There is no select for single element -->
      <RowObject name="issue"/>
      <!-- <ForEachObjInIssue type=""/> -->


This seems to be intentional, the help page for Parameters says "Note that parameter values have to be items."

Thus I post this in feature request. 

If issues could be added to the "Context" concept also it would be great.

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Hello David, 

As you have found, parameters work only for items. Have you considered creating a view under Projects? This may be a good fit for your use case. 


How to create views is not yet covered on our Support Portal under Change Management, however, I think that you will find all that you need in the Help under Projects setup


Best regards, 

Systemite Support

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