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Possibility to integrate SystemWeaver CMS with other project management tools than Jira (generalized API/plugin)

I would like the possibility to integrate SystemWeaver CMS (issue tracker) with other project management tools than Jira. Most issue tracker tools today support similar features that is used with the Jira integration (custom fields, REST APIs and plugins/addons).

What I understand from the Jira integration documentation:

 - The Back-end Service for JIRA provides a general REST API to access information about a SystemWeaver item. Thus this could be used by any external tool already today.

 - The Jira Extension uses the Jira Rest API to create/update(/access?) issues in Jira with the customfield containing linked SystemWeaver item references. This makes it somewhat tied to Jira.

Suggestions to make the Issue tracker integration more generalized, to be able to write plugin for other tools:

- As first step, document what Jira APIs are used. That would make it possible to map it to REST APIs of other tools

- To make it more generalized, provide something like webhooks (from the Extension) instead of the Jira API to be able to integrate with any tool.

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Hi David,


Regarding your question "The Jira Extension uses the Jira Rest API to create/update(/access?) issues in Jira...", yes, that is correct, it uses it to create/update/access.


Most of our integrations have been for specific use-cases, however, if a more generic use case arose, we are happy to consider it. We appreciate your feature request and will keep it in mind. 


Our original example version of the Jira extension is actually more generic than the current one. This older example is still out on our Github if you want to take a look at it:


Best regards, 

Systemite Support

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