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Improved backward reference traceability/navigation

The Systemweaver tree view gives good traceability/visibility of item parts/references in the 'forward direction'. It is not as easy to get a good picture of the backward traceabilty, i.e. to see which other items are referencing a certain item for a certain baseline. I have two suggestions to make it more easy to navigate in the reverse direction.

In the view 'References' all items in the database that reference the item is shown and for each version! There should be a view/option to show only references (including version) that exist in the current view.

When right clicking to open an item (in the Reference view) it is possible to open it in the current tab or in a new tab. In either case you will only get a view with that item as a top item and loose your overview. It should be possible to either open the item in your current context/view or to 'Find' item in your current view (as the current Find function but searching directly for an item and version instead of free text).

Hi David, 

Thank you for your Feature Request topic. There is existing functionality that I believe will give you what you need. 

First, you can use Ctrl C (copy) + Ctrl G (find occurrences of clipboard item) to find referenced items in the structure if they are in view. 

In the below example, I am standing on "New requirement". I do Ctrl+C on "Cruise control": 


And then Ctrl+G in the tree to find instances of "Cruise control": 


A second option is to use the Status view. In the screenshot below, you can see how the Current context occurrences section displays the selected item's current context incl. version and, in this particular example, you see that there are two versions of "New requirement" included. These are also listed in the Current occurrences section above it: 


More information about the Status view can be found in the Help. 

The use of the Secondary view may also be something of use for you so that multiple views can be displays simultaneously: 


Best regards, 

Systemite Support


Thanks for the reply. I think the Status view is about what I was looking for. 

It would still be good if SystemWeaver could automatically open/navigate to a certain item in my current context. For example if I am looking at a requirement in a specification and want to know what test cases that test this requirement I can see that in the Status view. But if I then want to open the test case to see e.g. the description on how it is tested I either need to open it in a new tab (and loose the context) or navigate myself to the correct item in the tree view.




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