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Item Ribbon Tab and Config Item versions

 When i reference a config Item(Report, Grid, etc) in a Item Ribbon tab config this reference points to a specific version of the config Item. This means that if i create a new version of the config Item i will have to reconfigure the Item Ribbon in question.

I think that a more common scenario would be that if I create a new  version of a config Item, i want the Ribbon to use that version just like it works for the "normal" ribbon or the dropdown menu.


		<Context caption="Teknik Demo" color="Red"/>
		<Context caption="Roles" color="Blue"/>
		<ItemTab caption="Safety" context="Roles">
				<RibbonGroup caption="Safety">          
					<ItemView name="Report" configItem="x3400000000BC3653" visibility="Dynamic"/>                                                       


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True, I was not aware of this problem, essentially a bug from my perspective. 

We also have another related problem, and that is that if you move (part of)  a ribbon configuration to another installation it will break because the id of the intended config item is not the same in the other database. We discussed using the name as identifier instead.


From a single database perspective, the id (if using the same algorithm as for reports appearing in the "normal" ribbon,) is a much more stable approach since report names are changed from time to time. I do however agree that for people working with more than one server, this is potentially a recurring scenario.

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