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More User account information

We are 3-5 persons administarting the user accounts. 

1. Problem with users never loged in. Many persons apply for access and we create accounts. Some new users never login. Occasionally we deactivate users who have not been in to the system for a long time. It is not possible to distinguish newly created user accounts from very old ones. It would help to know when a ser account was created.

2. Problems about finding out when and by whom user account was created and changed. User accounts are created and uppdated. We would like to know who made the last change and when was it. This would help to find the user accounts created/changed by a specific administrator.

3. Problems when sorting user accounts into different categories. We wolud like to sort the user accounts according to a organization attribute and also to have a note attribute for each user account. We often would like to sort the user accounts per organization, either beancounting or sorting aout which administrator that should care for the user account. A notes field is for administrators who would like to add short notes or marks for any type of sorting.

I would like to add to user account: 
- properties (compare item properties): Last Changed, Last Changed By, Creation Date
- attributes (text): Organization, Note

In the systemWeaver Admin Application, swAdin2 Version, in the Users tab, I would like to see the new properties and attributes.

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